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Electric Mountain Bike

Check out our Electric Mountain Bike range, made with the highest quality materials and built to last, our Raven and RavenPRO Electric Mountain Bikes are made to please. More

Electric Bike

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Electric Motorbikes

Bzooma Electric Motorcycles are the product of a long period of development, and this technology is now mature. Our Motorcycles are fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and can be registered in all states of Australia and in New Zealand. More



Bzooma Pty.Ltd. is a wholly Australian–owned company. We market a great range of innovative and top-quality electric vehicles. Bzooma's electric powered products allow us all to act more sustainably than to continue use of fossil fuels.

We aim to bring you fine quality, low-to-zero emission mobility. All our products are electric, or pedal-electric, and are manufactured in the most modern factories in the world.

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Clean and Green

Bzooma Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing efficient, low - to - zero emission products. We have ensured that our entire operation is energy efficient and uses renewable energy sources.

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Cost Effective

We only wholesale high quality products and our low overheads are achieved through an efficient business model and application of the latest technology available. This efficiency is passed on to you in the lowest possible prices.

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Fuel for Personal Transport

When electric vehicles are cheaper than petrol equivalents, and refueling of the electric vehicle is done free at home, you will cease to see service stations as we know them today. The link to the video in this document is a Must See.

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