Service & Warranty

Gently clean your BZOOMA with damp soft cloth and dry. We use Mr Sheen and a soft cloth to polish and protect the paintwork giving it a shinny protective finish.

Do not use a power washer or high pressure hose to clean it. Do not submerge the batteries or powerbase in water. Avoid exposure to heavy rain or excessive heat.

To ensure you get the best life from your battery you must charge it at least once per month, even if the machine has not been used. The intelligent battery charger will automatically shut off when fully charged. The battery will not overcharge if left plugged in.

The life expectancy of the batteries is about one thousand charges. When it requires replacement please refer to your dealer who will supply and fit the factory recommended batteries. They will then send the expired batteries for recycling.

The BZOOMA is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Make sure it is clean, functioning properly, batteries charged, and tyres properly inflated prior to riding.

Should the machine require any maintenance beyond what has already been discussed, it should be referred to your dealer.