Buying an electric bicycle?

Why would anyone want an electric bike?

Well, electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles including cost savings (no licensing or insurance required), improved health and connection with the community. The real advantage to Ebikes is efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind combined with better range. Once they find out about electric bikes, many people wonder why you would bother with a regular bike. 

These doubts revolve around:     
what’s the technical difference between the two?
what are the advantages of an electric bike?
what are the advantages of an electric bike? 
isn’t the point of riding a bike to get exercise?
why are they much more expensive than regular bikes?
What are the technical differences between a regular bike and an electric one?

So, now we come to the question: How are they different, technically? It’s simple!
An electric bike is a regular bike with the addition of an electrical drive system. This consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor’s power into the drive train, and a way to control that power.
In most states, riding an e-bike doesn’t require a special license, registration, or insurance. Therefore, investment and operating costs are almost nothing compared to a car. E-bike prices range between $1,000 and $4,000—about as much as a high-end road bike. But think about the savings; Parking fees, Petrol, Breakdowns and expensive and dodgy Mechanics.

Pros of Electric Bikes:

less hard on knees and joints than riding a traditional bicycle     
won’t get hot riding up hills, won’t struggle riding in the wind get to ride on sidewalks, through parks and in bike lanes
don’t need a driver’s license to ride
in most cases more upright seating position than traditional bikes can reduce back and neck pain and also gives the rider a better perspective to watch for obstacles and cars cheaper and more environmentally friendly than driving a car, no insurance, no gas
helps you avoid rush hour can walk the bike if you’re in a state where driving would be irresponsible or dangerous
get fresh air and a friendlier vibe from pedestrians and other bikers, more social than driving     
ebikes are harder to steal than traditional bikes because many require a key to operate and they are heavier to move

Cons of Electric Bikes:     

heavier than traditional bicycles more expensive than most mid-grade traditional bicycles     
harder to move and carry up stairs     
expensive battery replacement (lead acid lasts a couple years ~500 cycles, lithium ion lasts three to five ~1,500 cycles)            
tires get flats easier because the bikes are heavy 50+ pounds     
tires are harder to change, motors and controllers can cost more to fix than traditional bike tune ups 
less of a workout than riding a bike     
Parking is usually easier and faster on an electric bike than with a car but may be harder than with a regular bike

Riding any bike at all gives you so many things. Freedom, stress-reduction, better health, more free time, more enjoyment. And we shouldn’t dismiss other  benefits, such as reduced car traffic and a better environment. The difference relies in the fact that e-bikes make it possible for more people to ride and ride farther.  No longer do you need to worry that you won’t be strong enough, or have enough endurance to complete a ride.  Now you know the Pros and Cons of EBikes Why not have a look through our large range of Bzooma Bikes today! 
The future is Electric. 

Publisher: Bzooma
Date Published: Aug 10 2017 11:56AM
Date Edited: Jan 5 2018 4:12PM