Busy Delivery Scooter

Busy is a stout and practical courier moped which can zip your parcels, food or post around town with efficiency, reliability and STYLE.

Your Busy has an interchangeable lithium battery so you have 99.9% uptime with very little maintenance.

 Electric Motor
Busy’s electric motor draws power from an array of top-spec lithium batteries. You can even buy a second battery, have it charging, and swap it over in a moment.

A computerized controller delivers power from battery to hub motor, leaving you the driver to concentrate on safe driving. No more clutches or gear changes.

Electric power delivers maximum torque from the get-go, with no need to rev up.

 No Noise
Busy is sooo quiet! Remember a noisy vehicle does not contribute to road safety. It just makes you tired.

Motorcycle Specifications

  •  Motor: Brushless Hub Motor 3KW
  •  Battery : 60V50AH Lithium battery(second battery is optional extra)
  •  Controller: Programmable 150A Sine wave controller with regenerative performance.
  •  Climbing Ability: 30% slope stop and start
  •  Range: max range 90 km per battery, but with Quick exchange battery you can work 24-7
  •  Cargo size : 55x55x55cm
  •  Special features: considerate design utilising a reversing gear for the rider’s convenience
  •  Special features: Certified and plated to comply with the Australian Design Rules governed by The Australian Government under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

Removable long life 60V – 50Ah Battery

Battery found under seat for quick exchange so you can keep working 24-7