Bzooma Mobility Scooter

GoYonder R8S

When mobility challenges you, there is a low cost solution that will liberate you to go where ever you wish. This high quality machine is a full size mobility scooter at a bargain price.

Product specifications

  • Brisk speed
  • 2 Powerful long range deep cycle batteries 12V 75Ah
  • Charge time of 6~8h
  • Powerful 1400w Motor
  • Travel range up 60 kml
  • Hill climbing grade 15°
  • Electromagnetic regenerative braking
  • Load capacity 205kg
  • Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 155*69*128cm
  • Big 35 cm wheels makes for great cruising

TGA Approved
* Please consult your state's department of transport to advise of the relevant legislation governing use of this vehicle. Each state has its own laws and procedures in regards to licensing, insurance and registration. Links are available for your convenience.