Bzooma Electric Motorcycle

Busy Courier Motorcycle

Busy is a stout and practical courier system which can zip your parcels Pizza or post around town with efficiency, reliability and STYLE.

The petrol motor is done away with by Busy’s state-of-the-art battery and motor. Your fuel cost is about 5% the cost of petrol.

Your Busy has an interchangeable lithium battery so you have 99.9% uptime with very little maintenance.

  • Electric Motor
    Busy’s electric motor draws power from an array of top-spec lithium batteries. You can even buy a second battery, have it charging, and swap it over in a moment.

  • Computer
    A computerized controller delivers power from battery to hub motor, leaving you the driver to concentrate on safe driving. No more clutches or gear changes.

  • Power
    Electric power delivers maximum torque from the get-go, with no need to rev up.

  • No Noise
    Busy is sooo quiet! Remember a noisy vehicle does not contribute to road safety. It just makes you tired.

Motorcycle Specifications

  • Motor: Brushless Hub Motor 3KW
  • Battery : 60V50AH Lithium battery(second battery is optional extra)
  • Controller: Programmable 150A Sine wave controller with regenerative performance.
  • Climbing Ability: 30% slope stop and start
  • Range: max range 90 km per battery, but with Quick exchange battery you can work 24-7
  • Cargo size : 55x55x55cm
  • Special features: considerate design utilising a reversing gear for the rider's convenience
  • Special features: Certified and plated to comply with the Australian Design Rules governed by The Australian Government under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

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