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Christiaan Zwart

My Batcar now has a Bat-bike.
Park the Bat duo under a fig tree and the Bats leave their stamp of approval.
You gotta try this "elegtric" cross-over bike. Soft ride, over-ride power throttle.
Looks insane and rides like a bat outa hell.
250w power assist and 7 gears on top.

Mulga Bill's Bicycle


I’m getting on in years, and my knees have seen better days. One now has a titanium joint. The doctor told me to go swimming and bike riding to help it heal. My old mountain bike looked like hard work, so I got myself a Bzooma Amsterdam electric assist bike.

My new bike looks fairly traditional. I’ve seen thousands of them in Europe and Asia. It has turned out to be a real pleasure to ride. Proper full-size wheels, and a nice seat.

And simple! There is a display screen that explains everything; [I’m a bloke, so I don’t read manuals]. Speedo, odometer and battery-charge indicator. Even I can get on top of that stuff.

Towel and togs on the back rack and I’m off to the pool. My street is pretty flat, but the surprise came when I reached the hill. I adjusted the power setting and sailed up it without raising a sweat.

A dog ran out; the brakes were good, and the power drive cut immediately. No problem.

My mate said it was a bit strange to see me riding a step-thru. He doesn’t realise that the world is full of them, for men and women. And my brand-new Titanium knee ain’t going to be swung over the bar of a mountain bike. Not even the fancy ‘Raven ‘ that they tried to sell me.

Over the park with the wind in my face, and I arrived at the pool feeling great. This is nothing like ‘Mulga Bill’s Bicycle.'

How did I ever get on without my’Amsterdam’? Thanks, Bzooma. 

G Robertson, Gold Coast

Andy McGavin

I have had my RavenPRO now for over over 2 years, and I love it!
I rode it for the first 6 months not knowing about the Throttle, but when I found it, wow.

It really goes hard, and the battery lasts for ages.
All my friends want to ride it and I love cruising along beside them not peddling :)
Never ride a normal bike again.

The only problem I have ever had on the RavenPRO is a flat Tyre , but fixed it and all good now.

Andy's family have both the Raven and the RavenPRO, and he did an electric bike review on the Raven - [click here]

Dear Kit,

Big news!! I am now the proud owner of a shiny new electric bike.
A Bzooma Amsterdam, no less. Around here there are big Chinese and Korean communities and they really ‘get’ electric bikes. I’m seeing them everywhere. With our hilly suburbs, it means that I no longer free-wheel down one hill, then have to get off and push my bike up the other side.
My Amsterdam flattens them out. And I can ride comfortably, even with my crook knee which is mending well with the new gentle exercise.
Mum is ever alert to me wearing a helmet but don’t worry. I always do. Luckily there are decent bike lanes and bike tracks around here, so I don’t have to mix it with cars and trucks. I might even turn up at your place one day on my shiny Amsterdam.