3 Battery Options:
48 Volt – 20 Ah
48 Volt – 40 Ah
48 Volt – 70 Ah



Whether you are in the business of delivering food or parcels. Commuting to work or just enjoying long beach or Urban Cruises. The e-Cargo is the perfect solution.

The e-Cargo will not disappoint.

Features include:
* Large easy to read LCD Display Dash.
* Pedal assist and Twist throttle convenience.
* Phone holder with built in USB port for onboard Mobile Device charging as standard.
* Powerful LED Lights, equipped with Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Light and rear Indicators for rider safety.
* Tough 20 inch Wheels to handle the weather, weight and road conditions.
* Tyre size 20×1.95
* Heavy Duty Disc Brakes with 3mm Drilled and Slotted Rotors.
* Single pot Brake Calipers and Heavy Duty Master Cylinders both Front and Rear (same as you would find on a motorised scooter).
* Ignition Key for your bikes security, seat lock and battery lock.
* Sprung and well padded Seat for your comfort, (easy to ride all day).
* Oil filled fork suspension front end.
* Twin shock Rear end to handle the extra load.
* Large controller to handle all day heavy use.
* 250 Watt “Upgraded” Motor to deliver the power and speed you need to keep you efficient.
* Top speed 25 km/h + 🙂
* Cruise – 48 Volt – 20 Ah Powerful Battery to keep you going fast for hours.
* Work – 48 Volt – 40 Ah  Need to work 10+ hours ? This option is for you.
* The Traveler – 48 Volt – 70 Ah Will take you almost anywhere.


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